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Frequently Asked Questions

A highly reliable painting service can ensure that the precise creative visions of the property owners are delivered upon be it for the interiors or the exteriors of any given space. At Howard Painter we have worked for years on our customer service and painting techniques to perfect the best of both worlds and truly stand out as the ideal choice to make across town. We are providing unique information that can be utilized to determine if hiring us fits the needs of the customers that we are serving. If more queries need to be addressed customers can always reach out to us for the same. We are highly praised professionals across Staten Island, NY.

What are the perks of interior painting?

Hiring the right interior home painting services can not only increase the value of any property by making the interior look absolutely pristine but also tie together the interior decor and the walls seamlessly. It further acts as a layer of protection from any damage that might occur to your home and also significantly improves the air quality in and around a given space.

Is investing in exterior painting worth it?

Yes. Hiring exterior home painting services and ensuring that the exterior of any given space, be it residential or commercial, is well painted has numerous benefits. These include going beyond cosmetic enhancements, as paint can act as an additional barrier of protection against the elements and keep the core foundation materials safe from weathering. It is another factor that adds value to the property while also increasing its curb appeal.

How is commercial space painting different than residential?

Among the most prominent differences between commercial and residential painting are the materials and equipment required to get the job done with precision and without any oversight. Commercial painting jobs need some larger scale equipment in order to properly prepare the walls and surfaces for painting such as pressure washers, sandblasters, and high-velocity paint sprayers. Residential spaces, however, do not need such equipment and can be undertaken with a fraction of the effort.

Are you insured?

Yes. As highly reliable professionals that offer truly exceptional and affordable house painting, we are also backed by insurance and have never failed to impress the customers that we are serving. Our work ethic and dedication towards our craft are second to none across town.

How experienced are you at painting properties?

Each member of our team is a skilled and capable interior painter, we have been in this industry for upwards of 9 years. Through this time, we have tackled numerous projects placed before us with ease and using intricate attention to detail as well as systematic planning.

If any customers make the effort of going through this comprehensive page, we are confident that they will be more than pleased with hiring us for their future projects. However, in case they are looking to get a few specific queries addressed we urge them to simply contact Howard Painter at (718) 679-3125. Our reliable customer service professionals will be more than happy to display why we are widely praised for our work ethic across Staten Island, NY.

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